The Equestrian Jump Event Otomi Grand Prix CSI 2 stars was celebrated from February 7th to 11th and May 2nd to 13th of this year in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

Otomi Equestrian Residential was the venue of this event that is ranked among the 5 most important in Mexico and the 15 best in North America. More than 3.8 million pesos in prizes were distributed in various categories.

600 horsemen and their horses were part of 47 competitions that for 10 days demonstrated their national and international quality.

Riders came from Mexico, Colombia, United States, Brazil, Spain, Italy and other countries to compete for the 2 central events: The Classic Otomi and the Grand Prix Otomi.

About 4000 people gathered to enjoy this event, applaud and celebrate the equestrian world.

The atmosphere, gastronomy and cocktail bar that distinguishes the Otomi Grand Prix was not missing, making this the favorite event of the riders nationwide.

San Miguel de Allende once again wears gala and Otomi Grand Prix reaffirms that Mexico is a great host and exponent of the equestrian sport worldwide.

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